Ford Vision Gran Turismo Concept Image And Report

At the Vision Gran Turismo Concepts we are able to see some fantastic looking concepts. One of those is the Ford Vision Gran Turismo Concept that allowed engineers to experiment a lot and to deliver an open wheel race vehicle.

At this moment only one teaser image has been delivered and this represents the future looks of this concept. We do expect to see this concept delivered on one of the next auto shows but this has not yet been confirmed and we will have to wait little longer for this to happen.

Looking at the image there is no doubt that this will be one quite interesting concept vehicle and because of this we hope that it will be offered pretty soon. Teaser image shows the full-on racing tire while the suspension and chassis come with no body panels protection. It is certain that there will be only a few body panels and we don’t mind.

Reports About Ford Vision Gran Turismo Concept

There are no official information’s about this vehicle and what it might offer but we certainly do hope to see V6 or a similar engine. Since this model come with a light weight body we think that the four cylinder EcoBoost unit offer fantastic performances and it will be interesting to see what will Ford offer.

Image also shows similarities to the back of the Mustang. It could offer Mustang-like sweptback look and if this happens it will be quite obvious that this car maker will try to offer concept vehicle that will be a reminder to a great looking Mustang. Performance details are not known but as we said with lightweight body, powerful engine it could offer even more than Mustang.

No matter if we are getting naturally aspirated free revving engine or EcoBoost unit in this lightweight concept car it will offer fantastic performances. We are excited and we could also hear from many reporters and public many great reviews and that this will be one fantastic concept.

At this moment only one image of the Ford Vision Gran Turismo Concept is available and we hope that more images and information’s will be leaked even before the official announcement and presentation.

Ford Vision Gran Turismo Concept 1

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