2016 Lincoln Continental Price, Changes, Release Date, Images

For quite some time we are hearing rumors about the return of the Lincoln flagship sedan and this might happen with the 2016 Lincoln Continental. This could be a real American luxury car, just like we used to get for so many years. There is no doubt that there will be large number of changes for this model and one of the biggest differences is the inclusion of the CD4 platform from Ford on which new luxury sedan will be based.

Even we did not get any confirmations from Ford or Lincoln we could hear Neil Young that there will be the 2016 Lincoln Continental. This vehicle was mentioned during one of the interviews this musician gave mentioning that he cooperates with both Lincoln and Ford on integration of its Pono digital music player in the Continental lineup. What we do not know is if Canadian musician announced new vehicle a MKS replacement but just with the slightly different name or if there will be a real successor to the Continental model.


2016 Lincoln Continental Side

2016 Lincoln Continental Side

When it comes to the exterior design we are not sure what to expect. This is mainly because of the changes in the Lincoln design department after which we could see few nice changes to the MKX Concept that was recently presented. There is no doubt that the 2016 Lincoln Continental will come with recognizable split wings front segment that will be in line with previous models but with few changes. It was quite obvious that many did not like the front part on few previous models from this car maker and this will be a reason for slight changes.

Changes ForĀ 2016 Lincoln Continental

All those changes will improve the overall look and make this vehicle look more mature and more grown-up. Among those things that we do not expect to see on it is the suicide doors that were present on the 2002 Continental Concept. Even these suicide doors were quite unique and we would really like to see it on a production model it is highly unlikely that we will see those and this is mostly because of the new platform that will be used. Design should be different from anything we used to see from Lincoln since this flagship should set the direction in which future models in lineup will go.

2016 Lincoln Continental Front

2016 Lincoln Continental Front


Thing that at least few potential buyers of this luxury sedan might not like is the fact that there won’t be any V8 units in combination with rear-wheel drive. This is simply because the CD4 platform does not allow this and would need to be heavily changed to come with these capabilities. As a result we could be getting base 2.3 liter EcoBoost unit while the V6 lineup will be defended with 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine. Both of these can offer enough power even for luxury sedan and smaller one can pump out more than 300 hp while the larger turbo powerplant brings 350+ hp easily that should be enough for the 2016 Lincoln Continental.


2016 Lincoln Continental Front Side

2016 Lincoln Continental Front Side

There are many things that we do not know about the 2016 Lincoln Continental and that are still a mystery, one of those are the details about the interior. Touch controls in few Lincoln models we could see before were criticized so we could expect those to be changed and that retro looking but still modern knobs and buttons to be returned. Further improvements are expected in the voice controlled system and SYNC. What many did not like is the fact that MKS model offered less interior space on the rear seat and with new version of Conti we do expect this to be solved and for most space expect to see the long wheelbase version for Chinese market.

2016 Lincoln Continental Price And Release Date

While we are waiting to see the 2016 Lincoln Continental we can only predict the price at which it will be delivered. Looking at the MKS price we can assume that it will be slightly more expensive, on top of that we need to add the fact that it will come with different engine as a base. Even with these changes we do not expect it to be priced at more than $50,000 for a base version while the V6 powered models could be offered with price higher for few thousand dollars. Top of the line and most luxurious versions could come with price tag higher than $70,000. Expect to see this vehicle officially presented during the summer of this year and the deliveries to start even before the end of 2015th.

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It is quite obvious that Ford and Lincoln will release this vehicle but latest rumors say that it will come as a 2017 Lincoln Continental. On the link that we have provided you will be able to get latest information’s and see images of the vehicle that will arrive soon to the market.

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