2016 Ford Focus RS Price And Specs

If you are a car enthusiast then you must know about the Focus RS. Well, good news because there just has been announced the 2016 Ford Focus RS. This new model is set to debut at the end of 2015 or early 2016 at a base price of around $30,000 making it quite a bit more expensive than the ongoing Mustang EcoBoost model. This doesn’t stop the people from Ford from developing this car though.

The chief engineer that developed this car said it is quite a niche machine so it can be as mad as possible without impacting sales too much. These are actually good news coming from the guys who developed the Mustang GT500. The next RS is going to have a completely different engine than the older generation, different styling that will resemble that of the 2015 Focus ST and a new running gear that has never been used before by Ford.

2016 Ford Focus RS Specs

Let’s start with the engine. We are 100% positive that the engine in the 2016 Ford Focus RS will be a 2.3 liter EcoBoost that is also found in the Mustang. While most people though it wouldn’t have more than the 305 horsepower in the Mustang, Ford just said that this will be a niche car and it will be as insane as it can. This also means that the engine will most likely provide more than 320 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque making it quite the competitor for the A43 AMG and other cars like it. These are early estimates so we need take those with a reserve but all reports suggest that it will go north of 320 hp.


2016 Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS

Transmission wise, this will be the first time when the RS will get an automatic rather than the usual manual. The 2016 Ford Focus RS will have paddle shifters behind the steering wheel and a sport mode that will allow the drive to change gears at its liking. Power, unlike the previous model, will be sent to all wheels via an all-wheel drive system that has been specially developed for this car. This will feature torque vectoring and electronic differentials, just like the STI, in order to make for an unforgivable driving experience. There is still a good chance that the six speed manual transmission will be offered, and we certainly do hope for this to happen.


Ford Focus RS Side

Ford Focus RS Side

Even the AWD has not been officially confirmed it would be insane for Ford or any other car maker to offer front wheel drive vehicle that has 300+ hp since we do know that with 150 or 200 hp at the front we are pretty much coming to the limit that one vehicle can offer. Super sticky tires certainly help but with the huge amount of torque that this turbo engine will offer it would be great for it to come with all-wheel drive system.

Price Of 2016 Ford Focus RS

Design wise, it will be based on the ST but it will feature a new body kit and new wheels in order to make it more unique. The 2016 Ford Focus RS will also get LED headlights and tail lights, a new front bumper with more aggressive intakes and a rear bumper that will feature a dual or quad-exhaust system. This will have a bypass valve that should make it sound a lot more aggressive over a certain rev count.

2016 Ford Focus RS Back

2016 Ford Focus RS Back

Release Date

The inside of the car will be exactly the same as in the ST with the exception of the seats and the steering wheel. These will be made by Recaro and Sparco and they will be unique to the RS. Few slight changes are expected to be offered but nothing major. The 2016 Ford Focus RS will offer much sportier feel for both interior and exterior while everything will be backed up with a powerful engine. We already mentioned release date but have in mind that it is still not official, expect this model to be delivered during the fall of this year.

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