2015 Ford Taurus SHO Redesign And Specs

2015 Ford Taurus SHO

Over the past few years Ford Taurus SHO did not manage to get expected sale results but it seams that the 2015 Ford Taurus SHO will offer some nice upgrades. Reports suggest that this car will be offered with a significant redesign.

There are no official information’s about the redesigned vehicle. We are still waiting for details to be leaked and new spy photos to be delivered but at this moment we are pretty empty handed. This is strange since the release date has been rumored for the mid of this year.

Redesigned 2015 Ford Taurus SHO

Currently available generation has been delivered in 2010 and it is time for new model to take over. Many great changes happened with the delivery of redesigned model in 2010 and we have received vehicle that offers much more serious performance, improved looks and luxury features in cabin. All this was missing to previous models but still with these changes Ford did not manage to attract desired number of buyers and we hope that with new model we will be getting even further improvements.

2015 Ford Taurus SHO Side

2015 Ford Taurus SHO Side

Since this is a performance oriented sedan one of the most important features of this vehicle is the engine. Under the hood we were getting 3.5 liter twin turbo V6 unit that offers 365 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. Power is transferred to all wheels through a six speed automatic transmission that also comes with paddle shifters. We expect that similar setup will be offered for 2015 model but slightly more power would be great.

Ford Taurus SHO Back

Ford Taurus SHO Back

With this setup the 2014 model was able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in about 5.8 seconds which is a great result but it still needs to be further improved. Fuel economy is tested to 17/25/20 mpg and this segment will be also improved. According to rumors there are expectations that we will be getting about 380 hp and that acceleration time will be reduced to 5.5 – 5.6 seconds.

Ford Taurus SHO Interior

Ford Taurus SHO Interior

Current model offers decent level of luxury and nicely designed cabin and in this segment this model will not bring anything significant. We do expect to see improvements and even higher quality materials to be used but we do not expect anything spectacular.

2015 Taurus SHO Specs

Every driver that is looking for a full size sedan that offers great amount of space while packing decent amount of power in combination with luxury interior than the 2015 Ford Taurus SHO might be the great choice. We have to say that both Dodge and Chrysler have great offerings in this segment and that every buyer should take a look at those vehicles also.

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