2015 Ford S-Max Release Date And Specs

Finally after a lot of wait time we are getting official information’s about the 2015 Ford S-Max that will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show that is starting soon. This and many other models will be presented on this, one of the most important auto shows that starts in October.

Let’s get back to the S-Max. We immediately need to say that this model is not available on the U.S. market and it seems that it will not be offered any time soon. Previously received rumors that we could see it offered on the U.S. soil but latest reports suggest that this is not going to happen. This article is mostly offered for those drivers outside the U.S. that will be able to enjoy great features the all new model will bring.


2015 Ford S-Max

2015 Ford S-Max

About a year ago concept version of this car was previewed and we knew that it will be a base for the official and production ready version. Images that we have are offered as for the 2015 Ford S-Max so we are pretty sure that this is the final look.

Specs Of 2015 Ford S-Max

When it comes to engines and powertrains it gets a lot more interesting than anything that is offered for the U.S. market because there is a choice of EcoBoost units but also highly efficient turbocharged diesel engines. All of these will offer inline four cylinder layout and included engines will bring displacement from 1.5 to 2.0 liters.

Ford S-Max Interior

Ford S-Max Interior


Petrol engine department will be represented with all new 1.5 liter EcoBoost turbocharged unit that will produce about 160 hp while the more powerful will be the 2.0 liter EcoBoost version with about 240 hp. Smaller unit comes with manual transmission while the more powerful option will be combined with automatic transmission. Diesel lineup could offer only the 2.0 liter TDCi option that will come in three power tunes. Least powerful 120 hp version will come with six speed manual transmission while both 150 hp and 180 hp versions will be offered with manual transmission or optional dual clutch automatic.


2015 Ford S-Max Headlight

2015 Ford S-Max Headlight

Without a doubt there are many improvements for the 2015 Ford S-Max that should offer higher fuel economy thankfully to optimized aerodynamics that was done in wind tunnel. Other features that will improve efficiency include things like Active Thermal Management System that will reduce warm up time allowing it to reach optimal temperature and peak efficiency at faster pace. Auto start stop system, active grille shutter and smart regenerative charging are the technologies we will be getting for further improvements.


2015 Ford S-Max Side

2015 Ford S-Max Side

It is not easy for the 2015 Ford S-Max to bring fun to drive handling in combination with the body shape and size that will allow it to accommodate up to seven passengers but it should offer all this in one package. With new suspension architecture we have needed improvements plus there is a plethora of new features that will improve safety and comfort. Now we will be getting Glare-Free Highbeams in combination with Dynamic LED Headlamps plus Adaptive Steering that can change the response and weight depending on the needs of driver.

2015 Ford S-Max Release Date

As we already mentioned, the 2015 Ford S-Max will officially debut at the Paris Motor Show in about two weeks after which we should have even more information’s but at this moment almost everything is already known. Price is still not known but we think that it will not be changed significantly from what we had during previous years and that should be in range from $37,000 to $40,000.

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