2015 Ford Galaxy Concept Review And Specs

The 2015 Ford Galaxy Concept model made its first visual presentation in 2013 at Frankfurt Motor show. The model has undergone numerous test runs on European roadways. We are getting different design language and this redesign brings looks that are closer to what we have in the case of S-Max.

There are great similarities when it comes to the styling of the two vehicles. On the other hand, the Ford Galaxy has longer front and back overhangs. In addition to the adapted engines and the new system, the Galaxy Concept will experience a number of changes in terms of interior and exterior design.

2015 Ford Galaxy Concept Review

The Ford Galaxy Concept design proved to be better in driving and handling compared to the available 7 seater vehicles in the market. This concept design proves that it is possible to achieve both functionally and comfort while maintaining a unique and modern design. The amazing visibility and light controls bring a high level of satisfaction when driving.

2015 Ford Galaxy Concept Side

2015 Ford Galaxy Concept Side

This vehicle has been designed with a high roof and a spacious cabin especially in the third row which gives slightly more room to those sitting in the back. It is a 7 seat vehicle offering enough head and leg room in all segments with more comfort and practicality. The seats are adjustable, therefore it is possible to create more room if one finds the space limiting. This is one of the features that will make this model perform pretty well in the market. It has a sliding door which requires slightly slow opening and closing but it does provide easier access to second and third row.

2015 Ford Galaxy Concept Back

2015 Ford Galaxy Concept Back

Ford has not yet given out any information regarding the entertainment system to be installed, though rumor has it that Sony will be part of the audio systems used. If so, then one can be assured of quality entertainment and technology. Voice control and an 8 inch touch screen display are some of the few impressive features we are getting in the 2015 Ford Galaxy Concept interior.

Specs Of 2015 Ford Galaxy Concept

Under the hood the 2015 Ford Galaxy will be a 1.5l EcoBoost engine that will most likely come as a replacement for the 1.6 liter unit and is capable of generating up to 180 horsepower with significantly reduced exhaust emissions. Another EcoBoost unit will be of 2.0 liter displacement while on the diesel front we will be getting three options. Smallest is the 1.6 liter TDCi and for more power and torque we are getting 2.0 and 2.2 turbocharged diesel units. There is still no official info about power that these engines will deliver but we do expect to see slight jump and lower fuel consumption.

Ford Galaxy Concept Interior

Ford Galaxy Concept Interior

The 1.0l EcoBoost engine will not be offered in the 2015 Ford Galaxy majorly because it is unable to handle the weight of such a vehicle especially when loaded up. Highest efficiency is expected to be delivered by 1.6 TDCi unit but it will be interesting to see will this engine be able to offer enough power for the vehicle of this size.

The sale of the new Ford Galaxy is scheduled to start early 2015 with sales starting in the UK market. However, the price details are yet to be confirmed by the Ford Company we are sure that this and many other missing pieces will be offered soon as the launch date approaches.

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