2015 Ford Fiesta RS Release Date And Specs

At this moment hottest Fiesta on the market is the ST model but according to reports we might be getting 2015 Ford Fiesta RS that should offer even better performances. If this happens we will be getting one serious vehicle for those that like smaller performance oriented hatchbacks.

Images that we have delivered are of the 2015 Ford Fiesta ST model that will be certainly used as the base for the development of the RS version. We do expect to see some changes but those will be mostly related to simple badge changes and few tweaks that will slightly improve aerodynamics and handling. Nothing radical is expected.

2015 Ford Fiesta RS Side

2015 Ford Fiesta RS Side

Since the ST model is equipped with 1.6 liter EcoBoost unit that currently develops 197 hp we expect this number to be boosted. Sam engine will be offered but this time with 230 hp or similar. For many increase of 33 hp is not anything special but increased power and torque we will be getting much better performances from this already fast vehicle.

Specs Of 2015 Fiesta RS

More changes are expected to be delivered in interior where we will have pretty much basic look and usage of lightweight materials. Everything will be offered just to reduce weight. According to reports this vehicle will offer bolstered racing seats and intense usage of lightweight materials.

We could hear reports about Focus RS that will be offered also but these are just rumors. It certainly would be great to see these two models in the Ford lineup. This version of Focus could come with 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine that is seen in 2015 Ford Mustang and in this model it might pump out from 330 to 350 hp.

Ford Fiesta RS Back

Ford Fiesta RS Back

Let’s get back to 2015 Ford Fiesta RS. Among other upgrades this car will offer upgraded suspension, limited slip front differential and larger brakes. All this is delivered to cope with additional power from engine but also to further improve performances that we are getting from ST model.

Ford Fiesta RS Interior

Ford Fiesta RS Interior

We need to add that there are no official information’s about Focus RS and that it should be delivered in 2014 or 2015 according to rumors. We will see what will happen but the 2015 Ford Fiesta RS might be a real deal. If things heat up it really could be offered in the next few months.

2015 Ford Fiesta RS Release Date

New performance oriented Fiesta could be offered in Europe first and after few months it could come to the U.S. also to be officially presented. Just like few other models in the Ford lineup this one could be the same for both markets since Ford is slightly modifying its philosophy with delivery of same models to all markets.

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