2015 Ford Fiesta Release Date And Review

Since Fusion that was delivered in 2010 we are getting Ford vehicles that always offer more than just a simple midlife facelift and usually these changes are much more extensive. Similar is with the 2015 Ford Fiesta, with this strategy models in Ford lineup will remain fresh for longer and will attract larger number of buyers.

Another benefit of this tactics is the fact that the company will not need to offer frequent redesigns to keep everything modern and in line with competition. New Focus sedan that we have here was influenced with this tactics and we think that it is a great benefit to the model.

2015 Ford Fiesta

2015 Ford Fiesta

Front end of the sedan is quite similar to what we are getting from hatchback that was shown first at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Aston Martin “inspired” grille is combined with a new hood making it much more refined and aggressive. When we add redesigned headlights and LED daytime running lights we have one much better looking front end. Not only the front received changes, we can see few differences on the back where we have refreshed tail lights. Overall, rear end is similar to the previous year model offerings but still it does improve the looks further. When the whole package is taken into consideration we can easily conclude that it offers design that is much more in line with current offer in Ford lineup and on models like Focus and Fusion.

Review Of 2015 Ford Fiesta

Engine lineup is impressive and will provide great choice for all drivers. No matter if you are looking for performances or you are chasing the higher fuel economy EcoBoost lineup of turbocharged units will offer both. Standard unit is the 1.6 liter naturally aspirated unit that produces 120 hp and it can feel slightly underpowered but if you decide to take the 1.0 liter three cylinder EcoBoost unit that is refined with turbocharger you will be quite impressed with the offerings of this little unit. Similarly powered like the naturally aspirated 1.6 liter unit it offers wider rev range for power and torque delivery and that is something we can feel when driving.

Ford Fiesta Interior

Ford Fiesta Interior

Higher level of performances is available with the 2015 Ford Fiesta ST model that uses 1.6 liter I 4 turbocharged unit and produces impressive 197 hp which is quite great for a vehicle of this size and weight. As a standard transmission we are getting 5 speed manual option and on ST it is a six speed manual, six speed automatic is optional and offers dual clutch tech but it does not come with manual control possibility. Looking at the EPA rates for the fuel economy we think that this model is a great choice for all those that are looking for a ways to reduce fuel consumption.

2015 Ford Fiesta Back

2015 Ford Fiesta Back

With a standard 1.6 liter unit we are getting 27/38 mpg with manual transmission while this engine paired with automatic transmission will return 29/39 mpg. Optional 1.0 liter EcoBoost brings 32/45 mpg while the most powerful 1.6 EcoBoost version will return 26/35 mpg while is slightly lower than a naturally aspirated version but offers much more power. Even the release date has not yet been officially announced we do know that it will come soon, mainly because of the amount of information’s that we have received. We expect to see it during the summer or during the fall of this year.

2015 Ford Fiesta Release Date

Prices are already known and if everything remains on the same level base 2015 Ford Fiesta will come with a price tag of $ 14,795 and will go all the way up to $ 18,995 for a Titanium Sedan model. Have in mind that the ST model is delivered with only a hatchback body style and it can go to more than $ 26,000 when additional features are chosen. Main competitors are Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Chevrolet Sonic and Mazda2 that are priced similar but none of these don’t have high performance version like the ST model here.

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