2015 Ford Everest Price And Specs

The Ford Everest is an impressive SUV that we could be delivered to the market in the next few years. The 2015 Ford Everest model concept was recently presented at the international Motor show in Bangkok. The design of this new, production ready, model will receive minor changes compared to the revealed concept. Below are some of the specifications of this vehicle.

We do expect to see it delivered with richer tech devices and great visual modifications compared to its predecessors. With these changes that Ford offers it is main goal to attract additional number of buyers, especially those younger. More attractive design than before will certainly help out in this cause.

2015 Ford Everest Specs

Looking at the exterior of the 2015 Ford Everest we will be getting the same as the initial design of the unveiled concept. Cooper off road rubber wheels will be used instead of the common high tires present in most SUV’s and these tires will be mounted to the 18 inch wheels. The dimensions of the vehicle will be as follows: height 71.9 inch, length 199.3 inch, wheelbase 112.5 inch and width 70.4 inch. The bonnet is a little bit flatter while the horizontal chrome bars and a hexagonal grille are also present. The rear and front bumpers have been modified and we are getting new set of halogen headlights integrated into front bumper plus LED technology.

2015 Ford Everest

2015 Ford Everest

The Ford company is yet to reveal details of the interior design for the 2015 Ford Everest. However from pictures taken during the Motor show, it can be seen that the dashboard has been redesigned making it totally different from its counterpart Ford Ranger. The 7 seat SUV will have a modern design compared to its forerunner Ford Ranger.

Ford Everest Back

Ford Everest Back

Some of the remarkable features in this model include: SYNC 2 entertainment system, intuitive voice recognition, premium materials, 8 inch touch display screen, Infotainment system and a leather wrapped steering wheel. Improved quality, higher level of luxury and comfort will certainly improve the position of this model.

2015 Ford Everest Wheel

2015 Ford Everest Wheel

Details about the powertrains and engines that will be offered in this model are still not known. Similar to the previous generation we do expect to see few diesel units but also the highly popular and efficient EcoBosst engines. Smallest diesel should be of at least 2.0 liter and with delivery of about 150 hp which should be a minimum for this large vehicle. Smallest of the EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline units should be the 1.5 unit with 180 hp. Those that want more power could expect to see 2.0 liter EcoBoost and slightly larger diesel unit of 2.2 liters displacement or even more.

Price Of 2015 Ford Everest

There are still many things for which we are waiting to hear confirmation and for information’s to be delivered. It is quite possible that six speed manual and automatic transmission will be available. At this point no formal release date has been announced yet, though the vehicle is expected to be available by May of the next year. The price of this SUV is also yet to be confirmed but it should be on the similar level like previous model and if this happens we can expect to see it priced at slightly above $ 30,000 while the higher trim models could be up to $ 40,000. This mainly depends on the chosen engine and optional features.

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