2015 Ford Edge Release Date And Concept

Second generation of the Ford Edge will be delivered as a 2015 Ford Edge model. Concept version on which this vehicle will be based has been presented at the 2013 LA Auto Show and we have a pretty clear picture of what to expect from this vehicle.

New Edge is delivered to attract more buyers that are looking for vehicles that are suitable for families and comes to the family utility vehicle segment. This is yet another vehicle with which Ford will try to change and improve product strategy delivering single lineup of vehicle for markets all over the globe.

2015 Ford Edge Side

2015 Ford Edge Side

There is no doubt that the 2015 Ford Edge will be again one of the most important products from this company. This is simply because it dominated mid-size crossover segment. Currently available model was delivered in 2006 and brings three times more sales than the Nissan Murano or Toyota Venza that represents best competitors on the market.

2015 Edge Concept

Concept that is shown here comes with all the latest technologies that Ford has to offer. Features like LED headlights, parking assistance tool, collision avoidance systems and many other safety and convenience systems are present here. For many drivers one of the most useful features will be parking assistance tool that allows parking into a tight space and everything is done even when the driver and passenger are not in the vehicle.

Ford Edge Back

Ford Edge Back

Looking at this concept we can easily notice that the design delivered here is quite similar to design language that was used for other vehicles in Ford lineup. Most similarities it shares with Ford Fusion making it more likable for larger number of drivers that already like design that Ford offers on other models.

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With design changes and new features that we are getting packed into 2015 Ford Edge we are getting one vehicle that is closer to premium market but still offers design that is quite similar to masculine and athletic stance which previous generations of Edge had. There is no doubt that we are getting one more modern vehicle that is more appealing.

Ford Edge Interior

Ford Edge Interior

When this concept vehicle was presented we did not receive any information’s about engines that will be found under the hood of this car but we can guess and say that we will be getting almost everything that Ford has to offer. We expect to see six cylinder units and turbocharged EcoBoost engines while we are pretty sure that hybrid powertrain will be also available here. More details will be available as the launch date approaches.

2015 Ford Edge Release Date

Talking about 2015 Ford Edge concept and release date of this vehicle we need to add that the concept we were able to see looks pretty much production ready. There might be few small changes but we do not expect to see anything revolutionary and much more different from what we received with concept. We do expect to see it on the market in the next few months.

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