2015 Ford B-Max Review And Specs

Even the market to which MPV’s belong to is shrinking and more buyers are looking for other options there are few models that still deserve our attention. One of the best choices in this market segment is the 2015 Ford B-Max that will deliver pretty soon. Changes are modest since the currently available model received refreshment in 2012.

Sale results that are at great level allow Ford to offer only slight changes to this model that still is quite fresh and competitive. Even with this in mind we can say that strong competition like Citroen C3 Picasso, Skoda Roomster, Opel Meriva and similar will not allow Ford to sleep for long time. We do expect to see bigger changes offered with the next few models.

Specs Of 2015 Ford B-Max

One of the biggest advantages that we are getting with the new B-Max is the 1.0 liter turbocharged three cylinder EcoBoost engine that is capable of delivering 99 and 123 hp depending on the tune level. There are few more engines in the lineup and buyers will be able to choose from 1.4 and 1.6 liter naturally aspirated engines with 89 and 104 hp. In the diesel segment this vehicle is offered with 1.5 and 1.6 liter units, both are four cylinder models and produce 74 and 94 hp. It is obvious that these are developed for the European market and we do expect to see it significantly changed if it comes to U.S.

2015 Ford B-Max Side

2015 Ford B-Max Side

There are few distinctive features that set this model apart from other available on the market. With the 2015 Ford B-Max we are getting unique sliding doors for a rear pair. With this setup B pillars are absent which makes much easier access to the rear and gives this vehicle much better looks when it comes to interior space.

2015 Ford B-Max Back

2015 Ford B-Max Back

Most things that we are getting from this vehicle is shared with Fiesta and both of these models use the same platform. One of the concerns was the safety and rigidity of the vehicle since there are no B pillars. Few changes and usage of high grade steel has brought much more resilient body that will offer highest level of crash protection. Changes that were made increased the weight only slightly and the total weight is 1345 kg which is quite good in this category.

2015 Ford B-Max Review

As soon as you open both doors you will notice that there is no B pillar and that will certainly intrigue many potential buyers. Inside we are getting great amount of technology and decent quality materials. Many will notice that there is not much room for the rear passengers but still it does offer easy access which is highly appreciated. Similarities are noticeable again with Fiesta and we certainly would like to see it further improved with larger display for infotainment and car controls.

Ford B-Max Interior

Ford B-Max Interior

When it comes to fuel economy we have to say that one of the best choices is the small 1.0 liter turbocharged EcoBoost unit that has enough power and torque to power this model but also manage fuel economy that is comparable and even better than a much larger 1.6 naturally aspirated engine. With diesel units we are getting a lot of torque that compensate for the lower amount of power it produces but the fuel economy figures are quite impressive. All these engines are quite similar in both power and fuel consumption with what we are getting from main competitors.

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